Meet the PMG Team

Meet the Team

Peter Webb

Peter Webb, RCM, CMOC, CRP, ACCI, General Licence

A principal of the company, involved with condominiums since 1973, in condominium management since 1979. Active on a provincial level and has been a member of the Association of Condominium Managers since 1980. He served a full term on the Board of Directors of ACMO, a member of Real Estate Institute of Canada and a member of the Canadian condominium Institute having served on the local Golden Horseshoe executive.

Lynn Radigan

Lynn Radigan, BA, RCM

Lynn has been a property manager since 1990. Lynn has extensive experience in managing condominiums of all types. She has strong conflict resolution skills, organizational skills, systems management/development experience and technical knowledge of building systems.

Greig Rexworthy

Greig Rexworthy, RCM, General Licence

Greig began working with PMG in 1998 and was previously in the communication industry. He has been and continues to be an active member in his condominium where he has lived for fifteen years. Greig has strong project management skills dealing with residential groups, municipals staff and contracted service providers.

Brian Yff

Brian Yff, Transitional Licence

Brian Yff has been involved in rental property management since 1985. Prior to joining PMG in 2005, he held various management positions from 1987 – 2005. His experience included consumer and commercial lending, debt recovery, general administration and staff supervision. Brian has a results oriented style with emphasis on resolving issues, whether working individually or as part of a team.

Tino Dias

Tino Dias, RCM, General Licence

Tino has fourteen years of experience in the insurance industry and uses his insights to help guide Boards and their decisions. He demonstrates great work ethics, strong organizational skills and a positive attitude. A Property Manager since 2007 Tino successfully manages all styles of condominiums. Tino has earned his RCM designation in 2017.

Dan Webb

Dan Webb, RCM, General Licence

With nearly two decades of retail management, Dan brings a strong sense of customer satisfaction that helps with conflict resolution and time management. He has participated as a speaker at CCI's Trade & Conference Show and these experiences have helped him serve his Boards and owners well since 2008. He earned his RCM - Registered Condominium Manager's Certificate in 2011.

Alistair Brown

Alistair Brown, B Comm, MMS, Transitional Licence

Alistair has extensive management experience in the manufacturing, utilities and postal office sectors in human resource and labour relations fields. Prior to joining our firm he headed up the human resources function for a business unit with multiple sites in the United States and Mexico. Alistair has a Bachelor of Commerce from Carleton University in Ottawa and a Master of Management Studies from Lesley College in Cambridge Massachusetts.

Chris Bell

Chris Bell, General Licence

Chris comes to us after having spent two decades as a public-sector Urban Planner, where he has contributed to the planning and government approvals for a large number of residential developments in the Hamilton and Haldimand areas, including some sites currently managed by our office. Through his work with both community groups and municipal committees, Chris has highly-developed conflict resolution, facilitation and consensus building skills that will help condominium Boards deal with their affairs efficiently and effectively.

Donna Rexworthy

Donna Rexworthy, General Licence

Donna has lived in her condominium since 1990 and served three terms as an active Board Member. She, in her former position, has twenty-two years of experience driven by customer service with a high degree of problem solving and planning. She began working in the Property Management field in 2013.

Nelson Cullen

Nelson Cullen, RCM, General Licence

Nelson comes to us with nineteen years' experience in the auto industry, managing shift lines and production and has a keen sense of time management and developed people skills. He began work in the Property Management field in 2014 and has already earned his RCM designation.

Michael Parks

Michael Parkes, General Licence

With seventeen years of management roles in retail, Mike has developed a strong sense for customer service, good time management skills and is very detail oriented. He began work in the Property Management field in 2015.

Jeff Johns

Jeff Johns, RCM, General Licence

Jeff has worn many hats when it comes to condominiums. He was a condominium owner for ten years and served on a Board of Directors for seven years. He started in the property management business in 2009 and acquired his R.C.M. designation in 2015. With his accounting diploma from Mohawk College and a working background in production planning Jeff’s skills have been beneficial in the completion of many Condominium Board projects. Jeff has strong organizational skills and a natural ability to interact with service contractors and owners alike.

Carl Stars

Carl Stars, RCM, General Licence

Carl joined the Condominium Industry in 2001 and has earned his RCM designation. Carl brings a positive attitude and analytical skills that helps foster good working relationships with Boards and owners alike.

Fernanda Silveira

Fernanda Silveira, Transitional Licence

Fernanda entered into the Condominium industry in 2011 and has been active in both management and rental services. Her friendly demeanour and strong work ethic is quickly recognized and she is currently working toward her general licence.

Fiona Hudson

Fiona Hudson, RCM, General Licence

After 13 years in the mechanical plumbing and sales business, Fiona joined the Property Management field five years ago and has already achieved her RCM designation and holds a General License. She brings her strong organizational and communication skills as well as a pleasant demeanor into every situation she encounters and takes great pride in providing outstanding customer service.

Kelly McDonald

Kelly McDonald, Limited License

Kelly has 14 years of providing property management services and with that experience comes the knowledge of how to deal with all types of concerns and conflict resolution. Strong work ethic and positive personality make working with Kelly a pleasure.