We Share Here the Support Shown by Members of the Condominium Communities Which We Proudly Serve.

As a condominium resident owner since 1980, and a Board member since 1985, I have seen many changes over the years. Our property has had the advantage of being with a member of Property Management Guild since 1980. Management and Board members have worked together to control expenses as well as renew our property with fresh insight. Their guidance has shown us to see firsthand what it takes to make a property rewarding to all.

Cindy WCC 11 (Director)

A member of Property Management Guild has been managing our site since 1980. I have been a long term resident (33 years) and a Board member for the last few years. I have found management and Board members are working together as a team to keep our site upgraded and within our budget. It's been a pleasure to work with the Property Management Guild and over the years I have learned quite a few things.

Valerie WCC 75 (Director)

PMG has been our management company for many years. They are very knowledgeable about all facets of condominium management and will offer their honest opinion on various issues and are up to date on the current trends. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Barbara WCC 122 (Director)

Our complex has used PMG for over 15 yrs. I find them friendly, competent and a pleasure to work with!

Melanie WCC 125 (Resident, Past Director)

Right from the start which was 12 years ago, Property Management Guild and their staff impressed us with their efficient and professional manner - an approach that only inspired confidence in our Board at our Condominium Corporation located in Ancaster. They generated results in areas such as, good record keeping, a professional approach to hiring and monitoring sub-contractors, and by working together with us, we have created a smooth running complex, with no additional costs due to not having a good plan in place. Our experience with Property Management Guild, and our direct contact our manager, confirms to us that we have partnered with true leaders in the property management business.

Chuck WCC 213 (Director)

Working with PMG makes the process of managing a condo corporation easy and painless. PMG managers are consistently knowledgeable, courteous and professional. Thanks PMG!

Kevin WCC 332 (Director)

Property Management Guild, PMG, has been our property management partner since the very beginning which is over 11 years now. Their experience and expertise in all areas of property management has meant that our owners enjoy the carefree condominium lifestyle they desire, knowing that all aspects of our development's present and future needs are being well looked after.

Al WSCC 354 (Director)

We have been with PMG since the condo group was formed more than 7 years ago and have found them to be both reliable and helpful in the management of our condo group which is composed of 196 units.

Sheila WSCC 439 (Director)