Financial Operations

Financial Operations

We will help prepare budgets, provide user friendly financial statements, arrange for Reserve Fund Studies and yearly audits, arrange for insurance appraisals to ensure full coverage, make recommendations for investments and follow up and collect from units in arrears.

Your dedicated manager will begin preparation of your draft budget 75 days prior to the year end and with the input of the Board of Directors set the Condominium Corporation's annual budget.

Our firm will advise and assist the Board regarding Reserve Fund Requirements and will, at the Board's direction, arrange for the mandatory engineering Reserve Fund Study.

Our team will work with the Condominium Corporations’ auditor in the preparation of your draft audit for the Board.

The financial operations for your Condominium Corporation are handled through our accounting department (located in our office) and will come under the direct supervision of our company Treasurer. Components of our accounting procedures include:

  • Receive and/or collect of all monthly maintenance payments and deposit of same in the Condominium Corporation's account.
  • Pay all accounts properly incurred by, or on behalf of, the Condominium Corporation.
  • Carry out the necessary actions for the handling of all delinquent accounts.
  • Prepare and provide easy to understand monthly financial statements for the Board of Directors.