Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

A: As every Corporation is different it would be difficult to say but the Budget approved by the Board of Directors for your site would list all the items being covered by fees.

A: Most landscape contracts have a timeline that requires clearing services to commence once a certain amount of accumulation occurs (2" – 3"). The crews often work through the night and try to have the main road way in your site passable by 7 a.m. or 5 p.m. for a daytime storm.

Typically they are back clearing the remaining snow within 12 hours after the storm has finished.

A: If the request for the Status Certificate is completely filled out and paid for the Condominium Act requires the Certificate to be ready within 10 days. Our office consistently provides certificates in a timely manner ahead of this expectation.

Click the "Status Certificate Request" button to begin.

A: If you're new to the site you may call the office and our staff will be able to let you know. The name of your manager and the current Board of Directors is also listed in your Corporation's newsletters.

A: When calling the office with a payment question ask to speak to the accounting department.

A: Both your dedicated manager and their administrator will be able to answer questions regarding your Corporation and be able to start a work order to have repairs looked after.

A: If you have an emergency after hours you can still reach a live operator that will contact the manager on duty at any time. We ask that only emergency calls are placed after hours and if the situation is life threatening to call 911.

A: Unfortunately no. All fees are due on the 1st day of the month.

A: Unfortunately not at this time. Payments can be made by cash (exact change is appreciated) or cheque or by pre-authorized payments. The office does not have a overnight drop box so payments will need to be made during office hours.

A: If you have sold your unit you should inform the office so that we can make sure your automatic withdrawal is stopped or so we can pull and mail back any postdated cheques.

A: No, Property Management Guild only manages condominiums.